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Candid Athletic Training

Sep 30, 2019

We give our Athletic Training related commandments.

Weekly segments:
F, Marry, Kill: movement analysis
Top 5: Steps in a day
Fictional Athletic Trainer: Iconic cartoon characters

Sep 23, 2019

How do you define success as an AT? That's what we cover in this episode.

Weekly topics include:
-Fictional Athletic Trainer: Rocky vs Rambo
-F, Marry, Kill: Rain, Wind, Cold
-Top 5: Favorite things in the ATR

Sep 16, 2019

What hints would you tell yourself in the past? That's exactly what we discuss this week.

Weekly topics include:
-F, Marry, Kill: Days when you are less than 100%
-Top 5: What grosses out athletes?
-Fictional Athletic Trainer: Ant Man vs Iron Man

Sep 9, 2019

This week we discuss common fears amongst AT's.

Weekly segments include:
-F, Marry, Kill: Eye, Tooth, and Skin
-Top 5: Salary related
-Fictional Athletic Trainer: Orange is the New Black

Sep 3, 2019

We hold a draft to see who can build the best rehab room with four picks.

Weekly segments include:
-Top 5: What would make AT life easier
-F, Marry, Kill: AT catalogs
-Fictional Athletic Trainer: Han Solo vs Indiana Jones