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Candid Athletic Training

Nov 23, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Lots of food and reflection to pass around in this one.  

Weekly Topics:

-FMK: Thanksgiving breads and AT room floors

-Top 5: Trickiest skills

-FAT: Thanksgiving pie

-Friend or Foe: Practice schedules

Nov 16, 2020

We start the show with a major announcement and finish it with worst injury portrayals.

Weekly Topics:

-FAT: Iconic Game Shows

-Top 5: Clinical Hours

-FMK: Foot Fetish

-Friend or Foe: Grinding

Nov 9, 2020

Is there a line an athlete shouldn't cross?  And what happens when they do?

Weekly topics:

-FMK: Medicine Balls

-Top 5: Athletes give AT's super powers

-Friend or Foe: Blunted scissors

-FAT: Adam Sandler characters

Nov 2, 2020

We discuss what pieces of equipment we can't live without, and which...not so much.

Weekly topics:

-Friend or Foe: Tape ends

-FMK: Ultrasound gel

-FAT: Sean Connery roles

-Top 5: Items in your kit

Oct 26, 2020

This week we share "horror" stories about creepy moments in the ATR.

Weekly topics:

FMK- Annoying moments

FAT- Halloween creatures

Top 5- ATS confidence taking the BOC

Friend or Foe- Ultrasound